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Our Story through the years 

Birdsong founded in 2014 with Year Hear


Birdsong London was born from the visionary minds of Sophie Slater, Sarah Beckett, and Ruba Huleihul, with support from the Year Here Foundation

Birdsong makers


Birdsong London launched its first collection, featuring sustainably sourced cotton slogan tees with eco-friendly inks. The brand also began partnering with women's organizations London.

Birdsong gets investment from Bethnal Green Ventures


Birdsong London secured investment from Bethnal Green

Ventures and Crowdcube. Susanna Wen joined as lead designer.


Birdsong London attracted editorial acclaim from The Guardian, BBC, Vogue, and I-D Magazine, propelling us into the spotlight with our ethical stance and stylish designs.

Birdsong featured in ID Magazineagazine
Birdsong featured as ethical brand in The Guardian
Birdsong partners with Womens Makers groups in London


Birdsong expanded our product line to include dresses, skirts and accessories, whilst maintaining our commitment to sustainability and ethical production. 

Birdsong wins Sustainable Clothing Award in 2020


Birdsong was honoured to receive the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) Commitment award. Additionally, Birdsong launched its first jewellery collection.

BCorp image for Birdsong


Birdsong achieves B Corporation certification showcasing its commitment to transparency and accountability.  Additionally, Birdsong proudly receives The Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

Deserted street during Covid


 Despite COVID-19 challenges, Birdsong adapted by pivoting to online sales and virtual events and connecting with customers via social media.  With Covid lockdowns continuing to impact production and making life difficult, Birdsong moved to a pre-order model.

Birdsong logo


 Birdsong confronts significant challenges due to the UK's cost of living crisis, soaring interest rates, and Brexit disruptions in its supply chain. Consequently, the company temporarily pauses operations and production, leading to a period of reflection and adaptation.


 Birdsong emerges from a six-month hiatus to introduce Birdsong Recycle, championing circularity to reduce environmental damage. Join us in building a more sustainable future.

Birdsong logo Reflect Recharge Rethink
Birdsong logo
Birdsong logo

10 Years of Birdsong

The name Birdsong was inspired by Maya Angelou's book ‘I know why the caged bird sings’


Maya Angelou was a proud feminist, an active civil rights activist and a pioneer. Despite the very real challenges she experienced and the reality of confronting a dark world, the she always held faith in “the possibilities of joyful song”.


Our values are also strongly aligned with the ideals Maya Angelou strived for: fairness, equality and responsibility.


Birdsong has been created by the commitment and hard work of some amazing women; Sophie Slater, Sarah Beckett, Ruba Huleihul and Susanna Wen. 


As Birdsong celebrates its 10th birthday, we’re changing direction to focus on initiatives that help rejuvenate our planet and protect it for future generations. 


We hope you will join us on our journey and #jointhechorus for positive change.

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